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SHA-2A Low Temperature Water Bath Oscillator

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简介: Brief introduction of low temperature water bath oscillator :

一种温度可控的恒温箱和调速多用振荡器相结合的生化仪器,主要适用于各大中院校、医疗、石油化工、卫生防疫、环境监测等科研部门作生物、生化、细胞、菌种等各种液态、固态化合物的振荡培养。 The low temperature water bath oscillator is a biochemical instrument combining a temperature-controllable incubator and a speed-regulating multi-purpose oscillator. It is mainly suitable for scientific research departments in universities, medical, petrochemical, health and epidemic prevention, and environmental monitoring. Oscillation culture of various liquid and solid compounds such as biochemistry, cells and bacteria. In the course of the experiment, it is often necessary to shake the test solution to prevent precipitation or to compare two or more test solutions at a certain speed and temperature of the shake flask. Using this instrument can achieve the desired effect.
其特点如下: The characteristics of low temperature water bath oscillator are as follows:
、温控范围:-5-100度。 1. Temperature control range: -5-100 degrees.
、控温方式:采用微电脑控温,控温精确,无超温超调现象。 2. Temperature control method: Microcomputer temperature control is adopted, the temperature control is accurate, and there is no overtemperature and overshoot.
、振荡方式:有回旋式和往返式,及双功能三种方式。 3. Oscillation mode: There are three modes of swing type, round trip type and dual function.
、内胆材料:优质不锈钢,万能弹簧夹具,也可根据要求设计不同的夹具。 4. Liner material: high-quality stainless steel, universal spring fixture, and different fixtures can be designed according to requirements.
、外壳材料:优质冷板表面静电喷塑,防锈,延长使用寿命。 5. Housing material: electrostatic cold plastic spraying on the surface of high-quality cold plate to prevent rust and prolong service life.
、电机类型:永磁直流电机,体积小,功率大,使用寿命长,还具有噪声小的特点。 6. Motor type: Permanent magnet DC motor, small size, high power, long service life, and low noise.
、调速方式:无级调速,也可选择微电脑闭环控制调速方式(速度显示,速度偏差为0)。 7. Speed adjustment mode: stepless speed adjustment, or microcomputer closed-loop control speed adjustment mode (speed display, speed deviation is 0).
、安全类别:设有漏电保护,自动断电功能,超温保护及声光报警。 8. Safety category: with leakage protection, automatic power-off function, over-temperature protection and sound and light alarm.
、定时范围:0-120分或微电脑0-9999分定时及常开功能。 9 , timing range: 0-120 minutes or microcomputer 0-9999 minutes timing and normally open function.
技术参数: Technical parameters of low temperature water bath oscillator :
1. Temperature control range: -5-100 ℃.
2. Heating power: 1500W
3. Refrigeration power: 300W
4. Temperature control method: Microcomputer PID control, PT100 sensor
5. Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃
6. Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.1 ℃
恒温定时:0-9999分钟或常开 7, constant temperature timing: 0-9999 minutes or normally open
定时范围;振荡定时1分钟-96小时59分钟 8. Timing range; oscillation timing 1 minute-96 hours 59 minutes
调速范围:启动-300转 9, speed range: start -300 rpm
10. Oscillation mode: round-trip, swing-type, dual function (selected when ordering)
11. Oscillation amplitude: 20mm
使用方法: How to use the low temperature water bath oscillator :
首先检查仪器水阀是否关闭,加水至适当高度,然后将仪器的电源插头插在容量不小于2千瓦,有“接地"的电源上,将定时器选至你需要的工作时间,或选至常开位置。 (1) First check whether the water valve of the instrument is closed, add water to an appropriate height, and then plug the power plug of the instrument to a power source with a capacity of not less than 2 kilowatts and a "ground", and select the timer to the working time you need, Select to the normally open position. Press the power switch, the power indicator light is on to indicate that the power in the machine has been turned on, turn the speed control knob to select the required oscillation frequency.
温度选择:按set(功能键)温控仪出现sp,此时,调整上键或下键选择所需温度,选定后,按set键退出,此时上排数码管显示槽内实际温度,下排显示设定温度。 (2) Temperature selection: Press set (function key). The temperature controller appears sp. At this time, adjust the up or down key to select the desired temperature. After selection, press the set key to exit. Actual temperature, the lower row shows the set temperature. Because the instrument uses an advanced temperature controller, heating and cooling have automatic conversion functions, eliminating the trouble of previous operations.
(3) If the set temperature is higher than the room temperature, turn off the refrigeration switch and set the working temperature as described above.
(4) Turn on the oscillation switch and select the oscillation mode as required. Click △ or ▽ to select the oscillation speed, and then click the Run button.
(5) The temperature control system is equipped with an over temperature alarm function, and also has a constant temperature time alarm function, which is convenient to remind the operator.
(6) After use, turn off the power. If it is not used for a long time, please unplug the power. If there are water drops in the box, please clean and wipe it in time to extend the service life.
注意事项: Note for low temperature water bath oscillator :
1. When using this instrument, please use a three-hole socket with a grounding device.
、制冷停止到再启动工作必须间隔 3 分钟。 2. Refrigeration must be stopped for 3 minutes before restarting .
、实验用水最好用蒸馏水,以免箱内出现水污,影响仪器性能指标。 3. It is best to use distilled water for the experimental water, so as to avoid water pollution in the box and affect the performance indicators of the instrument.
、水箱内未加水之前,不能进行加热工作,即温度设定为低于室温。 4. Before the water tank is filled with water, the heating cannot be performed, that is, the temperature is set lower than room temperature. To prevent damage to the heating tube.
、当接通电源而仪器不动作时,可能是皮带因疲劳伸长或老化断裂,应更换。 5. When the power is turned on and the instrument does not move, the belt may be stretched or fatigued due to fatigue and should be replaced.
6. Do not tilt the product by more than 45 ° during the handling process.
7. The instrument must be attended by when the instrument is oscillating at high speed.
、仪器长期不用,应将水箱中的水排除掉,并将水箱擦干净,放置干燥通风处。 8. If the instrument is not used for a long time, drain the water from the water tank, wipe the water tank clean, and place it in a dry and ventilated place.

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